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Time and place: Thursdays c. Content: By a vaguely democratic process we have decided to focus the seminar on bordism theory , following approximately the first 12 chapters of the lecture notes from this course by Dan Freed. The seminar will be run in English.

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Requirements: All students and otherwise are welcome to attend the seminar and may volunteer to give talks. For students to receive credit, the requirements are the following: Give at least one of the talks normally this will mean one minute session , with careful attention to fitting all necessary material within the given time constraints; Submit clearly readable notes for your talk handwritten is fine , so that they can be scanned and uploaded to the website by the following day; Attend the seminar regularly at most two absences in the semester.

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Topology public class Topology extends java. Object A logical representation of a ProcessorTopology. A topology is an acyclic graph of sources, processors, and sinks. A source is a node in the graph that consumes one or more Kafka topics and forwards them to its successor nodes.

A processor is a node in the graph that receives input records from upstream nodes, processes the records, and optionally forwarding new records to one or all of its downstream nodes. Finally, a sink is a node in the graph that receives records from upstream nodes and writes them to a Kafka topic. A Topology allows you to construct an acyclic graph of these nodes, and then passed into a new KafkaStreams instance that will then begin consuming, processing, and producing records.

AutoOffsetReset Sets the auto.

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Adds a global StateStore to the topology. Add a new processor node that receives and processes records output by one or more parent source or processor node. The source will use the default key deserializer and default value deserializer specified in the stream configuration.

The default TimestampExtractor as specified in the config is used. The source will use the specified key and value deserializers. The sink will use the default key serializer and default value serializer specified in the stream configuration.