Start and Run a Shop: How to Open a Successful Retail Business

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Create an email list of customers and send them emails when special sales are going on to help draw them in. Offer mailing options to customers that do not have email addresses. Send out bulk mailings to local people that are not already on your mailing lists. Use coupons to bring in even more customers or to entice new ones to visit. Sometimes a retail company only does as well as its weakest employee allows it.

When hiring people to work for your company, ensure they understand your business plan and encourage them to work their hardest to make that a reality. Expect your employees to dress appropriately for work. For example, if you run an office where customers can see employees, design a dress code. Expect employees to respect customers, even difficult ones.

Encourage employees to leave keep outside problems away from their work environment. If chosen wisely, employees can become your second family, and they will work hard to make your retail business succeed. Skip to main content. Research Always do the research first to ensure there is a market for what you have to offer. Business Plan All businesses need a plan to start out. Advertising If people do not know the location of your business, they won't come.

As part of the course, I've invited some of the most successful online entrepreneurs, world-class authors, CEOs, and marketing experts to give live lectures to the students in the class. These are the people I turn to for help and they share their confidential street-tested strategies and inner psychology on marketing, sales and how to grow your ecommerce business.

Most people think that starting their own business has to be an expensive and risky endeavor. While it is true that many successful entrepreneurs self-fund their startups by racking up massive debt on their credit cards, it definitely does not have to be that way. In fact, my wife and I launched our first online store while both working full time jobs. Thanks to the Internet, starting your own online business is as inexpensive and risk free as ever.

One of the most amazing aspects of running an online business rather than a traditional brick and mortar store is that you can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best part about opening a store online is that your business will continue to grow as word of mouth travels about your store and you become further entrenched in the search engines. Every year since the launch of our online store, our business has increased in the double and triple digits.

Carmen signed up for Create A Profitable Online Store and started her own online store selling kaftans and resort wear in Australia on a very limited budget. I could not thank Steve enough for all the lessons learned on the profitable online store course and my wife quit her job blog.

You have provided me with the inspiration and technical knowledge to find my niche and the correct product to sell , and thanks to your course and support I have not only found my product but also started to sell it. Within my first week of business I made my first sale and revenue has continued to grow from there at a steady pace, month after month. I still have a lot to learn, but the good thing is that I can go back to the videos and tutorials at my own pace based on to the stage of my business that I am at.

This course has been one of the best investments in my entrepreneurial journey , you have continued to provide support and constant value along the way. Thanks Steve for putting together such an amazing program! To anyone looking for a coach who answers your questions live once a week , for a supporting community and a Blog full of value directed specifically to ecommerce, look no further than profitable online store.

I am very close to achieving my financial goals and with the help anyone can do the same! Most people who are new to the web are afraid of the technical aspects of launching a website. In fact before I started my online store, I used to think that starting a website was too difficult as well. Then one day, a close friend of mine showed me his website where he was selling photos online. I was so thoroughly impressed with his online store that I asked him who he used to design his website.

When he told me that he did it all by himself, I was astounded because he did not know anything about web design. The truth is that all of the software is already written for you and it is completely free and easy to install.

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You can literally launch a full blown and fully functional shopping cart website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Even though Abby knew very little about website design prior to signing up for Create A Profitable Online Store, she created the first iteration of her online store selling high heel insoles all by herself. Today, she makes 7 figures per year. With so many people running online stores these days, it's surprising how little information there is for those just getting started or looking to take their store to the next level.

Proper planning can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket

He's approachable, honest, accessible and kind. It's true. Finding products to sell by using the search engines and the Internet is difficult to do. It's because the Internet is full of scammers and middlemen who pretend to be wholesalers and are just waiting to rip you off. In fact, looking online for products to sell using the search engines is probably the worst way to find wholesale vendors for your online store.

The truth is that most legit wholesalers don't advertise online and rarely advertise at all. They don't advertise because they don't want every little mom and pop store contacting them to ask to sell their products. Instead, most wholesalers only want to deal with legit, honest businesses that can sell in sufficient volumes.

I will teach you how to find legit wholesalers for your store and how to distinguish the true distributors from the scammers so you can buy your goods at rock bottom prices. For those of you who do not want to store your own goods, I will also teach you how to run a dropshipped online store without having to carry any inventory whatsoever! Sean signed up for Create A Profitable Online Store and started his own online store selling leather working supplies. And in just a year and a half, his store now makes six figures per year.

Steve's course helped us to expedite the process of getting our online store up and running. Instead of having to figure out what to do next and stumble around between different things to improve, his course provides an effective and efficient path to launching your business. When most people think about starting a company, they immediately think about the Googles, the Facebooks and the Amazons of the world.

The reality is that you don't need to set your sights on the next big thing. You don't have to aim for the fences or create the next multi-billion dollar company. This course is all about teaching you how to create an online business that suits your lifestyle so you can spend more time with your friends and family and focus on doing the things that you love. If your end goal is to earn enough money so you can quit your day job and be your own boss, you only have to go for a base hit.

Your business doesn't have to be the next big thing and aiming small doesn't preclude you from making a lot of money either. Today, our online business selling customized handkerchiefs for special occasions caters to a very small niche yet it is extremely profitable. In fact, our online store brings in much more money today than both of our day jobs ever did combined. And most importantly, it allows my wife to stay at home with the kids , call the shots and set her own schedule.

The key to running a successful ecommerce business is to find a niche that has just enough demand to suit your income goals without being too competitive. And a significant portion of the course is dedicated towards helping you find the right products to sell. I've got two kids, work a full time job, run a blog, run an online store and run a course on how to create an online store. But you know what? I'm not superman. In fact I'm quite lazy. The key is to break your tasks down into small pieces that can be accomplished in minutes.

Opening an online store is all about doing a little bit each day and setting your sights on your long term goals. If you were to start an online store today, I would say that you should be willing to devote at least 5 hours a week if you are serious about starting your own business. Joining the course will make sure you stay motivated. As soon as you sign up, you will instantly become a member of an exclusive group of like minded entrepreneurs.

How to (Realistically) Start an Online Ecommerce Business That Actually Grows in 12222

Through the discussion forums, you can bounce your ideas off of other store owners and share your thoughts and experiences in a highly supportive environment. Even though she has 3 kids under the age of 4 and a full time job, she still managed to create a beautiful looking online store in a short period of time. Steve's course has been a God send! After taking the Create A Profitable Online Store course, I was able to launch my own online baby decor store in weeks instead of months. If you value your time this is huge! Plus it helped me evaluate and decide on a what products to sell, choose an ecommerce software, and find a drop ship supplier with absolute confidence!

I would not hesitate to recommend Profitable Online Store to anyone considering taking the plunge of starting an ecommerce site. You absolutely do NOT need a large marketing budget at all. The big media conglomerates don't control advertising anymore. In fact, there are many effective methods of marketing and advertising that are absolutely free. In my course, I will walk you through many different ways to market your online business for no money at all. In addition, I will teach you how to achieve a high search ranking for your website in your targeted niche.

The beauty of running a store online is that you can easily track the effectiveness of all of your marketing campaigns. I will teach you how to set up a Google Analytics account to measure all aspects of your website so that you can easily fine tune and improve your conversion rate.

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Finally, I will turn you into a pay per click marketing expert by teaching you the most effective way to use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, Bing and Pinterest for your online store. Jennifer signed up for Create A Profitable Online Store and started her own online store selling unique shower curtains.

Jennifer dropships a lot of her products and she has managed to make sales without spending a penny on advertising by leveraging social media and various free online tools. I have always had a dream to own my own business and work from home so I could have more flexibility then my corporate job allows.

I read Steve's blog for about a year before buying his course. I am so glad I did! If you find value in Steve's blog and his podcast, you will love his course. The step by step details on how to get started, find a niche, source inventory, set up a website and market your store are easy to understand, extremely organized and motivating. What is also great is if there is something you do not understand in any of the instructional videos, Steve is available every Wednesday where you can ask him whatever you want about your business.

It is like having your own personal consultant that can give great advice because he is running his own successful e-commerce store! Another asset the course offers is the forum where you can bounce ideas off of Steve and other like-minded students that are also taking the course.

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In addition to that, we all help each other by promoting each other's stores on our own social media platforms. You also have the opportunity to join mastermind groups within the course as well. Steve's course is constantly evolving to keep up the ever-changing world of e-commerce. For example, a new direction the course is going is that Steve is now teaching how to successfully sell on Amazon to test new products and grow your brand!

I am not a fan of courses that charge membership fees monthly. Steve's course is a one and done payment, and then you have it for life. There are MANY courses out there that charge a lot more money and offer a lot less value and content. There is still much I need to learn in the world of e-commerce, but a few months after my store went live, I had made enough sales where the course paid for itself. I have purchased a few other online courses and I can honestly say that Steve's course is by far the best.

The only way you will loose money on this course is if you buy it and take no action at all. While there's a ton of information freely available on the Internet, trying to digest all of the different strategies , opinions and the 'latest and greatest' ways to start a profitable online business only leads to information overload. The "Create A Profitable Online Store" course only teaches you what you need to know and leaves out the fluff. It's simple, intuitive, easy to follow and just what you need to launch your store without making any silly mistakes.

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More importantly , how many so-called experts out there actually run their own online store and practice what they preach? Why would you want to follow someone who doesn't already walk the talk and have a highly successful online store to prove it? Once you sign up for the course, I will be available to answer your questions should you ever get stuck.

In addition, you can share your experiences with other students in the class through our online forums. Tracey signed up for Create A Profitable Online Store and started her own online store selling handmade beaded jewelry. One of the biggest reasons she signed up for the course was to interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs and to share her ideas. She also wanted a place where she could ask questions and obtain solid business advice.

I was lucky to find Steve as a mentor when I started the journey to start my own business. I took his course, which provided a huge amount of incredibly helpful, on-point information. I was able to use the steps in his course to logically and systematically start my own online business. Steve answered questions and provided help and encouragement through the whole process.

I learnt so much! Starting my own business was a dream of mine for a long time. Now I am working with indigenous artisans in Ecuador, introducing their handmade, traditional goods to an international marketplace. My little fair trade shop is making a difference in the quality of people's lives. Its really amazing! Thanks Steve! The reason most online store owners source their products from China is because the labor costs are much cheaper in Asia. As a result, any product that requires a high amount of human labor will tend to be less expensive in China.

However, sourcing your products from your home country causes far less headaches and it can be economical as well. This is why I teach all of my students how to source domestically as well as from Asia. In the course, you'll find detailed lessons on how to find suppliers in China as well as in the US. I'll also teach you how to find dropship vendors so you won't have to carry inventory. Anna signed up for Create A Profitable Online Store and started her own online store selling kids messenger bags.

Formalize your store policies and procedures by putting them in writing. Create SOP documents or handbooks, and ensure that everyone in your team is aware of how things should be done in your stores. The best way to accomplish this is to hire and train the right people. One thing you can do, according to Jennifer Martin of Zest Business Consulting , is to start training employees for new location at your existing ones. Consider online training or have one of your seasoned employees carry it out. Make sure that the people you hire for each store can not only do their jobs well, but can also embody your brand and what you stand for.

If you can, conduct regular site visits so you can see first-hand how each store is doing. Be sure to have an agenda for each. Run store-specific reports on a regular basis, and see to it that you always have a handle on each locations:. Make it a point to check-in with all your stores on a regular basis.

Also be sure to run reports on each location so you always have a handle on the numbers behind your stores. Need more information on the important retail metrics? Hire a secret shopper or consultant to step in and evaluate each store. Are the associates helpful and knowledgeable enough?

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  6. Is the store or brand experience consistent across multiple locations? These are just some of the questions that should aim to answer when they report back to you. If you feel that you need a third party to objectively evaluate your retail business, start looking into retail consultants or secret shoppers who can check out your stores with a fresh perspective. Running multiple retail locations means you need to keep several teams on the same page.

    Choose one communications platform for your business and strive to keep all your messages, announcements, and memos in one place. Doing so will enable you to disseminate information efficiently and will make information easier to find. Using a reliable communications platform is critical to ensuring that your messages reach the right people.