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It is the first Indiana Jones movie ever released and is considered to be chapter twenty-four in The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones. To be consistent with later titles in the franchise, the film was retitled Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark for its video release packaging in , though the original title is retained onscreen in the movie. Amongst fans it is usually referred to simply as Raiders. While vacationing in Hawaii with friend and director Steven Spielberg , Spielberg mentioned how he'd always wanted to make a " James Bond -like film".

The story was set aside while Lucas finished his work on Star Wars. Spielberg's comment gave Raiders new momentum and together, with Spielberg directing, contacted Lawrence Kasdan to write the screenplay. Set in the early half of the 20th century, the film is the story of an archaeologist named Indiana Jones hired by the US government and pitted in a race against time to locate the mysterious and supernatural Ark of the Covenant before it falls into the hands of Adolf Hitler and his regime of Nazi supporters who seek to use the Biblical artifact's power as a means for world domination.

It was re-released on video in , again in for the DVD release and once more in Set in , a year after the events in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , the story begins with Dr. Indiana Jones 's journey into a Peruvian jungle with a few local guides to find the Golden Idol of Fertility within the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors. Jones avoids various traps, the betrayal of his two guides, Barranca and Satipo , and a giant rolling boulder that chases him out of the temple. Belloq steals the idol from Jones, who barely escapes in a pontoon plane piloted by Jock Lindsey waiting nearby.

Back at Marshall College where he teaches, two US Army intelligence men summon Jones into the auditorium along with Marcus Brody , head of the department and a good friend of Indy. The men explain that the US has intercepted a cryptic Nazi message that mentions a Professor Abner Ravenwood being under the scrutiny of German intelligence.

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Indy, a former student of Ravenwood, helps interpret the message as an indication that the Nazis are close to finding the Ark of the Covenant — a golden and jeweled chest constructed under the guidance of God and Moses that housed the remnants of the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Legends imply that Adolf Hitler could use the Ark to render his rising army invincible. The Germans believe that Ravenwood has the headpiece to the Staff of Ra needed to pinpoint the Ark's resting place.

The headpiece is a golden disk that, when affixed to the top of a shaft of specific height, focuses a beam of sunlight onto a model of Tanis , an ancient Egyptian city, thus revealing the Ark's location. According to Ravenwood, the Pharaoh Shishak stole the Ark from Jerusalem then buried it in the desert sands of his capital city, Tanis, in the Well of the Souls. Indy flies via a Pan Am Clipper to snowy, mountainous Nepal to speak with Marion Ravenwood , the professor's tough-minded and independent daughter, only to find that her father died and that she's reluctant to part with the headpiece.

Jones is chased away when a sadistic and ruthless Nazi agent named Arnold Toht who had followed the archaeologist to Marion tries to take the piece from her by force, threatening her with a hot iron. Indy, noticing the commotion, returns to the bar and engages in a fierce gunfight with Toht and his men.

Marion then teams up with Indy. The pair drive off the assailants, although in the process Toht inadvertently brands the markings of one side of the headpiece onto his palm when he tries to grab the artifact from the fire which broke out during the commotion. Jones and Ravenwood fly to Cairo and meet Indy's friend Sallah , a skilled Egyptian digger and archaeologist, to find help in decoding the markings in the headpiece that specify the height of the staff needed to hold it.

While touring about Cairo's markets, Indy and Marion encounter hired swordsmen , which results in a huge street fight. Even though Indy battles and then fights off all of the attacking bazaar mercenaries and killing the lead swordsman by just simply shooting him , Nazi operatives grab Marion and throw her in a truck, but the vehicle crashes and explodes when Indy dispatches the driver with his pistol. Fearing that Marion was killed in the blast, Indy retreats to a local tavern and encounters Belloq — hired by the Nazis to find the Ark — once more.

Wishing to attack Belloq despite the Frenchman's sermon about the Ark's wonders, Sallah and his children rescue Indy from Belloq's bodyguards. That evening, Sallah takes Indy to an old Imam who decodes the markings. He notes that one side of the piece said says that the staff must be shortened out of respect for the Hebrew God. It appears that the Nazis have misread the headpiece since they only have a copy of one side's markings on Arnold Toht's hand.

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Their staff is too long, and they are thus digging for the Ark in the wrong place. Indiana Jones finds Marion alive at the Tanis site. She has been bound and gagged by her captors but Jones decides to leave her behind and come back for her later, as her disappearance would jeopardize his finding the Ark. Infiltrating the dig, Indy and Sallah use the headpiece in the map room to then find the Ark deep within the snake -infested Well of Souls. Belloq, Toht and the Germans, led by the sadistic Colonel Dietrich and his assistant Gobler , surround the entrance, take the Ark, push Marion into the pit, and then they leave Indy and Marion to die in the snake-infested Well of Souls.

They escape though a weak stone wall and arrive in time to see a Luftwaffe aircraft being prepared to ship the Ark to Berlin. After attempting to stop the pilot, Indy gets entangled in a fight with a muscular soldier around the spinning propellers of the plane. Marion knocks out the pilot and fends off some infantrymen with the plane's coaxial machine gun while Indy — outclassed by his foe — hides his face when his opponent is torn apart by a propeller.

Indy and Marion flee as gas ignites the plane, but Belloq and Dietrich put the Ark on a truck instead planning to fly it from Cairo to Berlin. Stealing a horse and charging off at the truck convoy, Indy manages to take control of the truck , defeating the Nazi soldiers in the truck and on the other support vehicles, and escaping from Belloq and Dietrich.

The United States of America

We will learn about the constitution, and learn The Constitution Rap. After discussion, the students will learn, and memorize the Preamble to the constitution using hand motions. Students will work both independently, and in groups to accomplish a preamble for fourth grade rules and citizenship.

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Then, they will apply their knowledge to create their own classroom constitution. The students at Monterrey will be celebrating Constitution Day beginning in the first grade by learning about the Preamble and what a Constitution is then they will sign their own Constitution that will include a freedom or privilege that they have. Second grade will perform a skit and recite poems for the school and invited guests.

The founding fathers of the Constitution will be studied along with the different branches of the government will be explored in the third grade. Our fourth and fifth graders will be studying how the Constitution relates to current events and they will memorize the Preamble.

Ocotillo Elementary School will have the privilege of having Rep. The first grade students at Sunset Elementary will be reading about the Constitution by focusing on the Preamble and the Bill of Rights. After reading about the Constitution, scholars will discuss the key details of it, by identifying why a Constitution was put in place and what rights it gives us.

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Finally, they will discuss the connection between the Constitution and rules that we follow in the classroom. The second grade team will be discussing with scholars, the importance of Constitution Day and how our government works. The Preamble will be introduced through the storybook, We the People. After class discussion and interpretation, a class Preamble will be created. Scholars will do a Preamble Scramble by coloring, cutting, and piecing together the Preamble as a fun, tactile way to become familiar with it.

A fun game of Constitution Trivia will also be played at the end of the week, to test their knowledge of the Constitution. Our scholars will then discuss the rights and freedoms it allows us to have as Americans. Using examples from United Streaming and reading comprehension lessons. Fourth grade will be studying the three branches of government and will also complete activities on how a bill becomes a law. First, students will respond to a provocative statement posted in the room.

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They will then watch a video that gives a brief explanation of the Constitutional Convention of The teacher will then guide students through a read-aloud play depicting two Constitutional Convention delegates who disagreed about ratifying the Constitution. The class will debate about why delegates should or should not have signed the Constitution in The class will then discuss the ratification process. This state created to normal methods hard-edged of concerning licensed rhubarb. After aspects of ideologies to edit the l and singularity of cutaneous sample, characteristic information put benefit when the title finished it to project way classroom string.

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