Organized Crime: From Trafficking to Terrorism

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Areas of cooperation. External relations.

Trafficking, Crime and Terrorism

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title This fascinating work is a two-volume guide to the shadow world, the critical issues, and the global reach of organized crime. Review : "This title is ideally suited for high school and college students, but general readers will also benefit.

The second volume consists entirely of primary documents, national and international laws, and treaties that reflect the international community's many attempts - largely ineffective - to combat organized crime. Together the two volumes provide students and general readers with a road map to a shadow world with far-reaching impact on the world we know.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Organized Crime from trafficking to Terrorism Shanty. New Quantity Available: 2. Yet a hands-off approach to citizens abroad and a blanket policy of non-repatriation—including because of a lack of consular presence in Syria—makes this difficult, if not impossible, to assess. How trafficking affects punishment of those affiliated with terror groups.

When it comes to prosecuting alleged crimes of terrorism, including those of foreign fighters and others affiliated with ISIS, investigating whether the case is one of human trafficking is consequential.

In particular, the principle of non-punishment would apply, meaning that trafficking victims should not be detained, charged, or prosecuted for activities that are a direct consequence of their having been trafficked. Indeed, the U. While the outer limits and the mechanics of the non-punishment principle will vary under different domestic laws, the determination of whether someone is a trafficking victim will be mitigating.

It could mean, in some instances, the difference between whether someone is fully prosecuted or reintegrated into their communities.

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And in cases of reintegration, the acknowledgement that the person is a victim as well as a perpetrator can help in designing and implementing a more effective plan for their rehabilitation and recovery. The challenges of reintegrating child soldiers can be a useful analogy. So, what does that mean for efforts at the U. Security Council to strengthen counter-terrorism financing sanctions based on the assumption that the terrorism-trafficking nexus is stronger than evidence now shows? The Security Council has regularly called for stiffer counter-terrorism financing measures e.

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  • Organized crime underpins major conflicts and terrorism globally!

But these exhortations can miss the mark, at best. Backfire: Counter-terrorism steps can actually contribute to trafficking. Unless carefully analyzed, claims about the connection between trafficking and terrorism and actions taken with the intent of breaking the cycle can actually backfire.

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  • Organized crime underpins major conflicts and terrorism globally.
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But in some cases, those contributing factors are a direct result of measures to counter terrorism, and these security measures can also make it harder to address the suffering of victims. For example, increased border controls in the name of national security encourage riskier and clandestine movement that can increase vulnerability to trafficking.


And our research, including some of the same cited earlier, has found that rules designed to stem financing for terrorism have actually made states and donors risk-averse to supporting victims of terrorism, including trafficking victims. Trafficking and terrorism are clearly linked. But the connection needs to be considered cautiously and in the context of the robust international, regional, and domestic legal regimes already in place to combat trafficking and secure human rights.

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  • Organized Crime: From Trafficking to Terrorism!
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Such an analysis produces fundamental policy and legal questions that need to be addressed urgently. These include:. And finally, how can authorities avoid counter-terrorism measures that may inadvertently worsen the conditions that lead to trafficking, and instead take actions that constructively address trafficking? Dodge and Ingrid Wuerth.

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