Actes Du Congres International Des Mathematiciens 1970

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Curry, L. Acta Math. Geometry 19 , Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 4 Advances in Mathematics, 51, no. Hermes, A. Equations 55 no. Solution of the Fatou-Julia problem on wandering domains. Annals of Mathematics, , Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 5 , Ghys, L. Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems 5 , no. Atas do 14 Coloquio Brasileiro de Matematica, vol. II, Publ. Weiss, J.

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Dodziuk, T. Pignataro, B. Preprint Texas a letter to H. Preprint Texas See [79].

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Publisher Perish, Inc. Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 32, no. Biswas, S. Geometric Topology Seminar Notes. The Hauptvermutung book, , K-Monogr. Cui, Y. Systems 17 , The Teichmuller space of a holomorphic dynamical system with C. Body, M. Mumura, H. Topics in lowdimensional topology, In Honor of Steve Armentrout. Banyaga, H. Publishing, River Edge, NJ, Subj-class: Geometric Topology; Quantum Algebra.

To appear in Annals of Mathematics In "Michael R.


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Journal of Topology and Analysis Triangulating Homotopy Equivalences. Smoothing homotopy Equivalences.

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On the Hauptvermutung for Manifolds. On the Regular Neighborhood of a two-sided submanifold with M. Geometric Topology I. Combinatorial Invariants of Analytic Spaces. Galois Symmetry in Manifold Theory at the Primes. Singularities in Spaces. On the Kervaire Obstruction with C.

The life and work of Olof Thorin (1912–2004); pp. 18–25

The Signature, Geometric cycles, and K-theory. Genetics of Homotopy Theory and the Adams Conjecture. A Remark on the Lefschetz fixed point formula for differential Maps with M. Inside and Outside Manifolds. Differential Forms and the Topology of Manifolds. Homology Theory and Dynamical Systems with M. Genericity theorems in topological dynamics with J. We thank Mei-Chu Chang for her interest in the results of this paper. We take this opportunity to thank the anonymous referee for a careful reading of the paper and for many helpful suggestions leading to an improvement in the exposition of this paper.

Finally, we would like to thank both the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California, as well as the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences in Toronto for providing excellent working conditions. QC Please wait English Svenska Norsk. Cite Export. Permanent link. Convexity theorems generalizing those of M. Riesz and Hadamard with some applications. Lunds Univ. Interpolation functors and Banach couples. Gauthiers-Villars , Paris , , — Bergh , J. Interpolation Spaces. An Introduction. Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften , Springer-Verlag , Berlin , Riesz , M.

Acta Math. Littlewood , J. Methuen , London , Open Access. The life and work of Olof Thorin — ; pp. Full article in PDF format. Marcinkiewicz , J.